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Cocky Dildoa

May 11th, 2011 | Past Clients | admin | 0 comments

Video files travel just as well as audio files. Browsing on the Plutonian version of Youtube, this character kept on popping up and Hallucinating Pluto contacted him to film some more of his crazy exploits. In this particular one, a parody of one of the greatest films to ever reach Pluto, called Rocky, is filmed. It was lots of fun and hopefully will bring a smile to your face.


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Not many people know this but Nelson Mandela, on stepping down as President of South Africa, helped broker a truce between Pluto and Neptune regarding a war dating back eons.

Plutonians were in a rage with Neptunians as they were inciting them with inflammatory remarks due to Pluto’s planet status being revoked. It caused epic tension on the foreign affairs side of things escalating to a Defcon 2 situation. Read article

Heart Radio

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Sound waves travel. Some sound waves travel a lot further than others. Plutonians consider Heart Radio, which they receive on the outer rims, as a really cool, funky radio station. This is a short as to exactly what they do and what they are about.


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Musica are kind of like Nando’s in the way that they constantly like to push the planetary envelope so to speak and get away with cheeky, well placed and well thought out ideas which appeal to the general public and create a humourous and tongue in cheek attitude to their brands.

This little ad sums that up completely.


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Carat are one of the biggest media buying companies in the world and have been in negotiation with the directors of Hallucinating Pluto about a more galaxian approach to their business as they feel it is time to expand beyond the worldly boundaries of Earth.
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