Sit down, strap yourself in or if you'd prefer, levitate, teleport, stand up, fly, swim whatever. You are about to navigate Hallucinating Pluto after all, so you can do whatever you want.
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  • About Us

    Hallucinating Pluto is an interstellar production company with an Earth base in Cape Town, South Africa.

    We've shed our tentacles and morphed into a human form after market research has found that humans prefer a firm handshake to slapping squishy tendrils about in a high five fashion like they do on other planets.

    On the other hand, ahem, we have clung to our years of experience in making small to medium sized commercials, short films, presentations, corporate videos, music videos, weddings, and behind the scenes doccies.

    Don't be surprised by how much we can get done on a shoestring. Beings on other planets have no legs and therefore no feet to put shoes on. They simply levitate from A to B and

    surplus shoestrings are used as payment like earthlings use money.

    Specialising in moving images and driven by passion, no job is too big or too small for us to handle and every assignment receives only the best Plutonian service in the galaxy.

    The services we offer

    We are a multi service production company. Putting all our eggs, (they are blue on Pluto and slightly bigger), in one basket is not something we like nor adhere to. By giving you an over all holistic approach to a project, we can not only shoot your commercial or product for you, we can also arrange and co – produce the entire launch for you to.

    We don't like being boxed into one category and prefer to find meaningful solutions to your visual situations no matter what they are.

    By doing so, we can keep an eye, (or four for that matter), on the entire project to ensure that there is synergy and that fantastic Plutonian service throughout.

    A quick run down on the various services we offer are as follows:

    • Commercials
    • Corporate AV's
    • Corporate launches
    • Events – both filming and co-ordinating
    • Short films and hopefully long versions when we can convince our President to fund our Galaxian movie
    • Documentaries
    • Animation – both 2d and 3d
    • Multi media applications
    • Behind the scenes
    • Weddings
    • Get started with Hallucinating Pluto

      Unless you have the abilities to communicate via ESP or own a teleporter, it will be useless to attempt getting hold of our head office on Pluto. Thus we have created options like opening up an office in Cape Town, South Africa, Earth. The details are as follows:

    • Get in touch


      Earth Email:

      Earth Mobile:


    • The details

      Our resident producer answers to the name of Brian Scott and he can be contacted in the following ways:

      Mobile: +27 71 361 6869


      23 Brighton Street, Hout Bay,
      South Africa, 7806
      34.0426º S , 18.3490º E

    • Our Location

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